Customized Virtual Science Experiences

Are you a teacher—or parent—looking to supplement science instruction for your students?

VAI can customize a virtual yet hands-on K-12 science experience just for you!   

K-12 science instruction is all over the place right now—it’s being taught at home, in school, or a blend of the two; sometimes, it slips through the cracks completely! We want to help.

If you have a group of 12 or more students in the same grade range, we can create a science experience that meets your time and/or content needs. Through inquiry-based, hands-on investigations (and we don’t just mean hands on a keyboard) students will ask questions, investigate, and discover answers using scientific methods, tools, and resources. It’s way more than a sit-and-get presentation! 

How do we do that? Here’s how: 

  1. Kids will connect virtually to set a purpose for learning and introduce the experience
  2. They will then step away to get their hands dirty by conducting their own investigations (Don’t worry…we don’t leave! We’re there to answer any and all questions.)
  3. They then reconnect to engage with other students and reflect on their learning

Each Virtual Experience Includes: 

  • A hands-on, inquiry-based investigation customized for your group and aligned to NGSS
  • A kit for every student with all of the materials needed to conduct the investigation 
  • Half-day experiences include a virtual tour of a Van Andel Institute’s research lab and a conversation with a real VAI scientist!

You tell us your time constraints and standards-based goals, and we will suggest affordable investigations to meet your needs.

Want to learn more about our Customized Virtual Experiences? Contact Randy Schregardus, Student Programs Manager, or fill out this form: