NexGen Inquiry®

Inquiry-based science instructional tools and professional development that empowers students to think and act like scientists!

Science is messy. Investigations don’t always follow a nice, tidy process, and findings often surprise you. At Van Andel Institute for Education, we help teachers prepare students for this reality. We equip them with the tools and know-how to implement inquiry-based science.

What is inquiry-based science? In an inquiry-based classroom, students:

  • Tackle questions to which they don’t already know the answer
  • Play a driving role in their learning process
  • Make time for reflection and analysis
  • Work harder than the teacher!

The Van Andel Institute for Education Model for Inquiry-based Science serves as the backbone of our science offerings.

Exciting, innovative, and research-based resources that promote and support the teaching and learning of science.

Standards-aligned instructional strategies and methodologies that engage students and transform your teaching.