NexGen Inquiry® Sustained Professional Development

Hands-on, immersive instruction designed to help teachers design and implement an extraordinary inquiry classroom.

VAEI’s Instructional Model

The VAEI Instructional model integrates a process of scientific inquiry with a rich learning environment while nurturing scientific habits of mind. By addressing the process and culture of scientific inquiry, the model becomes a practical guide for helping students think and act like scientists. 

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VAEI’s Instructional model provides a framework to support scientific inquiry. We use this model to help teachers transform any lesson into an inquiry-based learning experience.

Transformation Process
VAEI’s sustained professional development supports implementation of inquiry-based learning from start to finish. Our professional development and instructional tools support a transformation of science instruction.

All VAEI sustained training workshops offer teachers:

  • An interactive opportunity to experience an investigation that models inquiry-based science.
  • Strategies for successfully incorporating a process of scientific inquiry as well as a classroom culture of thinking and collaboration.
  • Access to VAEI lessons aligned to standards and ready for implementation and customization.
  • Easy-to-implement strategies that support the processes of scientific inquiry and engineering design, scientific habits of mind, and a rich collaborative learning environment.
  • Development of a portfolio to support inquiry-based science learning.
    • Support in implementation throughout the year with individualized action plans and frequent feedback loops.

Please note, all training workshops at VAEI include lunch and snacks for up to 40 participants as well as a visit to the model laboratory at Van Andel Institute.

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