Inquiry in Action: PD and Field Trip Combo

Inquiry in Action: PD and Field Trip Combo

Full Day/Half Day

  • Teacher Workshop: $2,600 for full day; $1,300 for half day
  • Field Trip: $10/student per half day

Teachers want to create inquiry-based learning experiences for their students, but it’s one thing to learn about it in a PD workshop, and it’s another thing entirely to implement it with real students in a real classroom. Our PD/Field Trip combo is a unique PD experience designed to support teachers in making inquiry a reality by incorporating teacher PD into an actual classroom setting. Teachers witness inquiry lessons first-hand, trouble-shoot implementation challenges, and gain practical insights to hone their craft in live time with real students. Students conduct highly engaging investigations that develop curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking; teachers receive personalized instruction in inquiry-based science; and no subs are required during the field trip!

Learning Objectives:

    • Learn VAI’s instructional model for inquiry-based science to help transform any lesson into an inquiry experience.
    • Observe an inquiry lesson and analyze the benefits and challenges.
    • Identify and troubleshoot each teacher’s unique challenges to implementation.
    • Access grade-level specific inquiry lesson ideas and dozens of strategies to implement a classroom culture of inquiry.
    • Develop personalized Action Plan for implementing inquiry in the classroom.