NexGen Inquiry® Instructional Tools

Exciting, innovative, and research-based resources that promote and support the teaching and learning of science. Click on a resource below to learn more.

Instructional Posters

Colorful, visual reminders of VAEI’s Instructional Model for Inquiry Based Science, Instructional Model for Engineering Design, Learning Environment, and Habits of Mind, as well as student prompt posters for implementing inquiry-based instruction.

Instructional Model Component Cards

Classroom-ready wall cards that highlight each component of VAEI’s Instructional Models to use with whole-class and small-group setups.

Investigation Component Sticker Book

Visual, tactile, color-coded labels that mirror the components of VAEI’s Instructional Models for use in student journals.

Science Lessons

Standards-aligned lessons that bring the VAEI instructional model for inquiry-based science to life, designed to save you time and engage your students.