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Our goal is to make you look like a rock star! Why? Because you’re a teacher—you ARE a rock star! We’ve done the leg-work to bring you amazingly engaging projects. You get to bring them to life in your own unique way! (We make a great team that way, don’t we?)

Every Blue Apple project engages students in memorable experiences where they apply critical and creative thinking to real-world problems while learning the content you actually have to teach!

All of the materials and instruction you need to implement the project.

Videos and contact information for topic experts, as well as authentic audiences for student work.

Explicit English, Science, Social Studies, Math, and Social/Emotional connections aligned to content standards.

Opportunities to connect with other classrooms doing the same project.

Practical, point-of-use, instructional strategies from people who actually like teachers!

Grade 4 Projects

Can a cookbook save your life?

We need food to live, but are we making the best choices when it comes to nutrition? A healthy, well-balanced diet can help people achieve optimal health and reduce the risk of illness. In this project, students will learn to make healthier choices by diving deep into the world of nutrition. Students will use their creativity to design and test healthy recipes. They will think like dieticians, using data to improve on their delicious designs. Finally, they’ll present their nutritious dishes to a live audience and create a cookbook to sell for a charitable cause!

Can 4th graders improve water quality for our planet?

Water is essential for life. All living things depend upon it. Yet every day, our actions contribute to pollution that is detrimental to our waterways—and ultimately our watersheds. In this project, students will take action to protect our watersheds. They will investigate soil and water samples to determine what’s in their water—and investigate ways to improve water quality. Then they’ll share what they’ve learned by creating a public service announcement for their school!

How can we stop germs in their tracks?

GERMS. They lurk in every classroom. Each year, students miss an estimated 164 MILLION school days due to illness. In this project, students will fight back against these microscopic monsters with this public-service project designed to make your school—and the world—a safer and healthier place. They will collect germs from common surfaces such as desks, laptops, and more. Then they’ll test the effectiveness of disinfectant in fighting germs. Finally, they’ll create a public service announcement for their school!

Will our state survive the next 100 years?

Every state is uniquely great. From coastline to mountains to rolling prairies, our landscape is diverse. In this project, students will become aware of the need for a sustainable world by focusing directly on their own state’s sustainability. They will use their creativity to design a book about their state that informs readers how small changes can develop a more sustainable world. Finally, they’ll publish their book and sell it for a charitable cause!

Can a 4th grader inspire changes in public policy?

Students hold great potential for change. Yet, public policy decisions are hardly (if ever!) influenced by the creativity, interest, and experience of our smallest citizens. In this project, students will take a stand in support of a public policy issue that matters to them. They will learn about all sides of several public issues on topics like education and the environment. Through respectful discourse, they will construct and articulate well-researched positions on a topic of their choice to promote change and make a difference in the world!

Grade 5 Projects

How can we make a memory live on forever?

Older generations have so much to teach us—if we take the time to listen. Every community has people who have lived long, full lives with valuable stories, knowledge, and skills to share. In this project, students will make friends with a resident of a retirement home. They will listen to the story of their new friend’s life, and craft a memoir capturing the moments that made their life meaningful.

Can a few cents revitalize a community?

Around the world, millions of talents go to waste because people lack the resources to get started. In 2006, Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize for his innovative idea of microlending to help impoverished communities. In this project, students will learn how microlending can be an
incredibly powerful force for good. Your class will raise and lend money to developing nations’ entrepreneurs trying to make a positive impact in the world!

Can 5th graders really raise a million dollars?

Each year, millions of people are crushed by the burden of debt. Millions more are empowered by the miracle of saving and investing. In this project, students will learn the essentials of financial literacy—and use those skills for good by donating to a charitable cause. Your class will raise and invest money. After fifty years, the investment will become a huge donation to a charity selected by your class!

Can we save our school money while saving the planet

Energy is expensive. Plus, using too much energy is bad for the planet. In this project, students will conduct an energy audit of their school to help the planet—and their school’s pocketbook. Then they will design, test, refine, and share solutions to reduce energy consumption. Finally, students will pitch the costs and benefits of their solutions to stakeholders!

Is it really possible for humans to farm on Mars?

Life on earthdepends on plants. Healthy plants depend on healthy soil, rich in nutrients. In this project, students will learn the importance of soil conservation as they investigate the effect of different soil types on plant growth. They will extend their exploration to explore how plants might grow on the red planet by using simulated Martian soil. Then students will present their ideas to a live audience in your school.

Just add personality!

You don’t have to have an audacious personality to be an engaging teacher. We celebrate each teacher’s own unique style, so each project encourages teachers to find and apply their own voice. We offer a complete spectrum of engagement activities—from safe and easy to outrageous and potentially embarrassing. You choose the engagement activities that feel right for you! You may find yourself progressing along that spectrum!

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