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Make It Real: Implementing Project-based Learning

One-Day Workshop | Cost: $2600*

Teachers want to create memorable, meaningful learning experiences where students apply critical and creative thinking to real-world problems, but who has the time?! Our approach to project-based learning involves engaging students in projects that matter through cross-curricular content, real-world connections, and collaboration opportunities. Teachers explore several project-based learning units, discover practical strategies for integrating their content, and gain insights into creating a classroom culture that supports curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. Teachers receive personalized instruction in project-based learning and leave with customized project plans that will wow their students.

Learning Objectives

    • Learn the Blue Apple framework to transform any lesson into an authentic learning experience
    • Select and personalize projects to engage students actively, cognitively, and emotionally
    • Infuse projects with cross-curricular content, collaboration opportunities, and real-world connections
    • Discover strategies to promote a classroom culture that supports creative and critical thinking

Like a Boss: Managing and Assessing Project-based Learning

One-Day Workshop | Cost: $2600*

You’ve learned about PBL, maybe you’ve tried it, but you are left wanting more…more of the nuts and bolts that make it happen. Join the Blue Apple team as we share and model strategies to support the logistical, day to day challenges of project-based learning.  Discover practical tools to help build and manage robust collaborative groups and provide effective feedback and assessments that matter. After this one-day workshop you will have the tools and resources you need to PBL like a boss!

Learning Objectives

    • Learn strategies to build and manage collaborative PBL groups
    • Discover how to help your students become project managers
    • Develop strategies for providing timely, specific, and actionable feedback
    • Explore resources and tools for assessing your students in content, skills, process, and product

*Training dates at VAI include lunch, snacks, and parking for up to 30 participants. Estimate does not include travel expenses. Travel expenses for training days at host schools or other locations will be passed on to the client.

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