Blue Apple™ How-to Videos

Free Project How-to Videos Coming in 2020

Where do most people go when they want to learn how to do something quickly? YouTube! So, why should teacher learning be any different?

Blue Apple How-to Videos are short videos that offer friendly, classroom-tested strategies to address specific teacher questions.

And they’re free! Access the topics you want, when you want them! (If you want to earn credit for them, check out Blue Apple Sustained PD)

Each video consists of:

  • Part 1: What you need to know about this topic (only the important facts…you’re welcome)
  • Part 2: Two strategies you can try, complete with real classroom examples
  • Strategy Download: 1-page menu of strategies to try in your classroom
  • Application Challenge: Choose one of the strategies you learned about and try it in your classroom this week! (Spoiler Alert: that’s where the REAL learning happens)

Blue Apple How-to Videos include: 

  • How can I facilitate more cooperative learning in my class?
  • How can I differentiate instruction for my students?
  • How can I get my students to apply critical and creative thinking to my content?
  • How can I add more student choice without classroom chaos?
  • What is project-based learning and how can do I implement it?
  • How can I increase student engagement with effective engagement hooks?
  • How can I develop my students’ social awareness and relationship skills?
  • What are some effective rules and routines I can use to improve classroom management?
  • How can I develop a culture that supports risk-taking and increases student perseverance?
  • What are some ways I can provide timely and actionable feedback for my students?
  • What is standards-based-grading and how can I try it?
  • How can I maintain a work-life balance so I don’t burnout?
  • And more!

Be the teacher your students will never forget! 

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