Blue Apple™ Sustained Professional Development

Blue Apple Sustained Professional Development Coming 2020!

Access to the complete set of 100+ Blue Apple How-to Videos (access the ones you want, when you want them), plus earn credit and get additional support along the way!

Tap into your inner gamer as you level up by completing challenges associated with each Blue Apple How-to Video. Earn credit for topics such as Classroom Management, Feedback, Student Engagement, and more. Plus, get access to a dedicated Blue Apple Coach for added encouragement and accountability.

Each video consists of:

  • Part 1: What you need to know about this topic (only the important facts…you’re welcome)
  • Part 2: Two strategies you can try, complete with real classroom examples
  • Strategy Download: 1-page menu of strategies to try in your classroom
  • Application Challenge: Choose one of the strategies you learned about and try it in your classroom this week! (Spoiler Alert: that’s where the REAL learning happens)

For sustained training…

  • Complete the Reflection Form for your video
  • Review other teachers’ responses to the Reflection Form to further learning
  • Earn badges when complete topics
  • Lean on your coach for pressing questions and additional ideas

Why Blue Apple Sustained PD

For Teachers For Administrators
Short videos with practical strategies PD your teachers won’t complain about
You choose the topics you want when you want them Differentiate learning by recommending different topics for different teachers
Apply what you learned in your classroom on your own terms Research-based and proven strategies
See how other teachers applied their learning Credit given for implementing strategies, not just listening to them
Get credit for your learning Easily align Blue Apple levels to your teacher evaluation system
Contact your coach as needed for friendly encouragement and advice Dedicated coach provides encouragement and accountability


Be the teacher your students will never forget! 

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