Curiosity on Wheels

We bring inquiry-based science experiences right to your school!

VAI’s Curiosity on Wheels’ mission is to bring hands-on, inquiry-based STEM opportunities to ALL schools. Whether you’re in a rural area or local and you just want additional STEM support, we will come to your school and bring the science, all of the materials, and create a memorable, educational experience that your students will never forget!

It’s not just a science class…it’s a science event!

Curiosity on Wheels is ideal for science across the grades during the school day or for a lively afterschool event for your students AND their families. We set up 3-5 investigation stations customized for your grade or grade band, where kids create, think critically, compete, and have fun!

Choose among our five exciting investigation stations or let us help you customize your own investigations based on your needs:

  • Power Up!
    Students will harness the power of the wind by designing their own wind turbines. They will use their creativity and everyday materials to create the most efficient design; then, they will put their design to the test and measure how much electricity it can produce.

  • Amazing Animals
    Cockroaches, geckos, snakes, oh my! Students will get to meet and handle a variety of resident animals from VAI…if they dare.

  • Shovercraft
    Here’s an updated spin on an old game! Students will test their aim and accuracy in this updated version of a classic game…it’s shuffleboard with less friction. Students will pump up their hovercraft and watch it float effortlessly to its target. Hit the center and win a prize: a ride on a real hovercraft!

  • 3…2…1…Blast Off!
    Get ready as students put their engineering design skills to the test! They will design a rocket that will travel further than any other rocket. It’s out of this world fun!

  • Seismic Shake Up
    Who can build the tallest tower and survive the shake test? Students will design and build a tower that can withstand earthquakes of different intensities. See whose tower thrives and whose doesn’t survive.

With a minimum of 30 students, VAI will come to your school with everything we need to make the event come alive. (If you’d like, we can even bring snacks!) Your students will think—and act—like scientists as they conduct hands-on, fun-filled investigations.

Want to learn more or get pricing?* Contact Randy Schregardus, Student Programs Manager, or fill out this form:

*At this time, Curiosity on Wheels is only available for schools located in Michigan. Please call for alternative solutions in other states.