Student Programs

The Education Institute is dedicated to advancing and promoting science education and increasing the number of students who choose to pursue careers in science or science-related fields. Our programs build on the expertise of Van Andel Research Institute’s world-renowned scientists and Van Andel Education Institute’s expertise in curriculum and instruction. We hope to expand our student programs to support inquiry-based learning, and to ultimately have a national impact on science education.

Students learn to think and act like scientists and engineers in a semester long program. Students will conduct hands on investigations to explore our living and physical world as they design solutions to everyday problems.

VAI’s Curiosity on Wheels’ mission is to bring hands-on, inquiry-based STEM opportunities to ALL schools. We will come to your school and bring the science, all of the materials, and create a memorable, educational experience your students will never forget!

We can create a science experience that meets your time and/or content needs. Through hands-on investigations, students will ask questions, investigate, and discover answers using scientific methods, tools, and resources.

Students and teachers are immersed in learning science through inquiry. They conduct investigations and participate in scientific discourse.

High School Journal Club brings students, their teachers, and scientists together in a forum for scientific discourse.

NexGen Inquiry Quests are video-guided science challenges designed to capture student interest while introducing them to a real-world problem they can solve with science. Story-driven videos guide students through a process of scientific inquiry and hands-on experimentation.

Looking for a new and unique idea for your child’s next birthday party? Let us help you celebrate their special day while doing something hands-on, fun, and maybe a little educational. (Shhhh! We won’t tell the kids!)

Summer is a time for fun with friends, exploring interests and discovering new worlds! We offer a unique summer camp experience for 2nd through 12th graders