Classroom Products

Van Andel Education Institute offers a selection of exciting, innovative, and research-based products that promote and support the teaching and learning of science as the integration of both knowing science and doing science.  Our products employ a science as practice approach, an approach that engages students in developing knowledge of the natural world as they generate and interpret evidence.  Our products all feature scientific inquiry, a particularly important form of scientific practice, and include programs, curricula, and instructional supports with applications ranging from everyday classroom use to utilization in out-of-school time programs.

See the descriptions below to find out about individual products or visit the storefront to purchase. For product support contact us at or 616.234.5528.

A graphic organizer designed to guide students in the process of thinking and acting like scientists.

Colorful, visual reminders of the QPOE2® Investigation Organizer for Scientific Inquiry and the VAEI Community of Scientific Practice.

Visual, tactile, color-coded labels, that mirror the components of the QPOE2® Investigation Organizer Step Book.