Instructional Tools

NexGen Inquiry®

A web-based interactive solution for implementing inquiry-based science instruction in K-12 classrooms.


Classroom Products – Van Andel Education Institute offers a selection of exciting, innovative, and research-based products that promote and support the teaching and learning of science. 

QPOE2® Investigation Organizer Step Book
A graphic organizer designed to guide students in the process of thinking and acting like scientists.

Instructional Posters
Colorful, visual reminders of the QPOE2® Investigation Organizer for Scientific Inquiry and the VAEI Community of Scientific Practice.

QPOE2® Investigation Organizer Stickers
Visual, tactile, color-coded labels, that mirror the components of the QPOE2® Investigation Organizer Step Book.

Free Resources – Downloadable resources to use in your classroom and learn more about inquiry-based instruction. Learn more.

Download these resources for immediate use in your classroom:

CoP Poster
Habits of Mind Card Strategy

Download these professional development resources to learn more about the shifts in science instruction and our Community of Practice model:

Pedagogical Statement
Traditional vs. Transformed
Shifts Video